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My eyes shot open. There’s a hand massaging my boob and I’m trying to remember... 

I adjust my eyes to the dark and take inventory.

1. I’m naked.  2. I’m spooned. 

Damn it! I said I wouldn’t sleep with him anymore. I turn my head; he’s pressed against me. I ain’t shit. I try to track my clothes. 

“Where’s my dog?”

I move a little lift my head hoping I won’t wake him. As if conjured, my hairless beast pops his head from the edge of the bed. 

“C’mon buddy help me find my draws.” 

He’s a smart dog. I begin removing his hand from my breast just so he can press his hard on my butt. Okay, plan B. I jump up.

 “What the hell Toni, I was having a good dream.” 

I barely hear what he’s saying. I’m trying not to fall over. I’m still drunk. 

“So sorry, gotta run.” 

He sits up as I hustle for my jeans and pull my t shirt over my head. Where’s my bra? You know what, he can keep it. He reads my mind- and pulls it from under the covers and places it over his head. I need to do a better job at blocking my thoughts. 

“You can have it if you kiss me goodbye.” 

Ugh. It’s one of my good ones. I’m assessing the risk. You see Andrew isn’t your ordinary entitled whiteboy. He’s an entitled vampire. Yes, you heard right. A kiss will lead to bite , then I’ll end up entangled in bed again! Andrew is a prominent business/property owner in LA. Disciplined, hard working but has one weakness: My blood. 

“Toni, I promise I’ll behave…” he gives me his best scouts honor. 

I roll my eyes.

“That’s what you always say -- shit that’s why I’m standing here with no pants!” 

He gives me sparkling smile. I swear his eyes twinkle in the dark. 


Like I said I ain’t shit because I say no but I'm already wet with anticipation. He knows this and his smile grows wider revealing his fangs.

I get close enough and extend my hand.

“Hand it over.”

In seconds I’m under him as he licks my throat down to my shoulder grazing my nipple with his fang. 


He takes my fingers one by one into his mouth and begins to suck them. He favors my right hand. That’s where my ruins are tattooed.

I know I said I wouldn’t but ….

He flips me onto my stomach drawing my hips into him as he pushes my chest and head into the mattress and in one stroke enters me from behind. 

“Oh my god.” 

I hear him chuckle.

 He begins moving inside me slowly, then leans in, draws me up to him from my hair and bites down hard. I cum instantly, he follows.

 He’s still inside me, collapses his full weight on top of me. 

“I don’t care if you’re a racist and hate white people as long as you like me.” 

Here we go again. 

“You’re not baiting me, get off.” 

He rolls onto his back and pulls me on top, tucking my head under his chin as he strokes my hair. 

“And where are you off to today detective?”

Curling into him,  “I need to stop by Daniel’s. I have to brief him on the vampire case.” 

“Daniel,” he let’s go.

“Why do you work for that asshole? He gives you the worse cases and treats you like crap. Come work for me.” 

I don’t respond and hold on a little tighter since soon I’ll have to get mad. You know, on principle. 

“He won’t even hire you. You do understand the contracts he throws your way are the ones no one on his team want?” 

This is topic number two that always ends with me storming out and he yelling after me. 

“Look white boy.”

I reluctantly let go of him.  I begin getting dressed. This time Xolo is on it.

 “You can’t keep me under your thumb. You want 24 hour access to my coochie? Not going to happen.”

 He smiles that same seductive smile that gets me all jumbled inside. 

“But I already do.”

 “Fuck off. C’mon Xolo we’re out of here.”

 “See you soon sweetheart.” 


Written and Recorded by: Iliana O

Produced by: theekidspex!

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